Metformin and Pregnancy


Metformin and Pregnancy Special Precautions

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Metformin and Pregnancy

For the effective treatment of blood sugar level problems in non-insulin-dependent diabetic patients, metformin is a very well-known biguanide. It works by decreasing the intestinal absorption of glucose while increases the utilization of glucose in the body. Similarly, women who carry the symptoms of PCOS, metformin helps reducing basal and stimulated LH levels, fasting insulin as well as free testosterone concentrations. In the same way, metformin has been medically approved for its effective role in the induction of ovulation as there have been proven cases of women ovulating better when treated with metformin as compared to just placebo. Metformin and Pregnancy are very closely inter-related to each other as this medication could have some very positive and some not so positive effects on the mother-to-be. As it currently stands out to be, in pregnant women, metformin (Glucophage) has been classified in the B category without any solid proof of fetal toxicity or teratogenicity.
Although metformin does not inflict any severely harmful consequences on the patients, yet pregnancy is a delicate enough issue to be left on the perils of some medication without seeking prior approval from a medical expert. The increased blood sugar levels of higher insulin levels in pregnant women could result in severe modification in the overall composition of the breast milk and other nutrients which are extremely vital for the growing baby’s health. Therefore, any aspects associated to Metformin and Pregnancy must be taken somewhat considerately for the good of health of both the unborn baby as well as the mother-to-be.

PCOS, Metformin and Pregnancy:

As compared to general obstetric population, perils of volunteering abortion in pregnant women who carry PCOS have been reported to be at least 20 to 40% more. The main reason for such imprudent decisions has been cited as hyper-insulinemia and its ill-effects on the endometrial function and environment. The risks of diabetic development and enhanced blood sugar levels in pregnant women are relatively on the higher side. Therefore, the role of Metformin and Pregnancy to support each other in preventing the GDM rises palpably in this case. Similarly, a couple of privately conducted studies (and that too on a small scale) also revealed that the use of metformin has helped women with PCOS in minimizing the risks of abortion and continue to support childbirth in their fetus. An even more mind-boggling fact was that the rate of miscarriage in these women was reduced drastically from 58% to just 11%

Metformin and Pregnancy – The Complications Involved:

Some of the latest researches on Metformin and Pregnancy reveal that women with PCOS tend to face way more complications while being pregnant than other women who are suffering from the same problem of PCOS. The various problems which a pregnant woman carries during her pregnancy tenure (along with PCOS as well) might include several complication such as gestational diabetes, miscarriage and preeclampsia. However, some studies have also proved to be quite contradictory to each other regarding the problem whether various PCOS symptoms could vary to such great extents in different women that have the same problem. For more information on Metformin and Pregnancy, you could study abundantly available information on any health expert’s website.

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