Meformin and Alcohol

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Alcohol and Meformin

The medical use of metformin through the intake of Glucophage pill is widely popular for remedying the problem of diabetes. Although, the severely adverse side-effects of metformin are yet to be explored, there are quite a few aspects that have to be considered while taking this medicine in whatever quantities. Especially in case of alcohol drinking, pregnancy, lactation and POS (in women particularly), metformin should be used strictly under the doctor’s prescription as the slightest of negligence could invite some very hostile consequences.

Special care has to be taken by those patients who are suffering from dual problems (or perhaps even more) which include diabetic problems as well as alcohol-related problems. Often it is seen that the diabetic patients who have alcohol drinking habits test out for ultra-excessive amounts of insulin and glucose levels within their bodies. In such cases, doctors may prescribe relatively higher dose of metformin that could disturb the balance of many bodily constituents including blood level, insulin level, glucose level and most importantly the pH level that is already at extremely higher levels in hard alcoholics.

In fact, lactic acidosis, metformin and alcohol are very closely inter-related to each other as an imbalance in the levels of any of the aforementioned trio within the body can cause severe problems. Especially the association between metformin and alcohol has to be understood very well by those who have developed a bad habit of serious alcohol binging. Medical studies have proved the fact that metformin and alcohol do not sit too well with each other. Excessive drinking of alcohol while still being under the prescription of metformin helps canceling any effect that this medicine could impart otherwise.

However, metformin and alcohol could be used in collation with each other if special precautionary measures are undertaken. For instance, if you are suffering from the problem of diabetes, then while purchasing a drink of your choice you must always check the percentage of alcohol that might be present in it. Sparse amounts of alcohol or relatively lowered proportions of alcohol in a drink might not cause as adverse effects in exaggerating your problems further. But under most conditions, a recommendable and wise move would be to avoid drinking at all while under prescription.

Some people also get into undue trouble while getting themselves diagnosed for probable symptoms of diabetes by obscuring their drinking habits. Most of the times, this is particularly the situation observed with married men who do not want their spouse to learn of their binging habits, albeit just occasionally. Such people, if diagnosed for possible diabetic problems, have to rely on Glucophage for the curing of their problem. However, in such situations, a simultaneous presence of metformin and alcoholcould clash quite severely within the body to alleviate the problems even further. Therefore, it is always imperative that before the doctor advices you any medicine (not just in case of diabetic problems), you must let them know of your alcohol consumption beforehand. As mentioned earlier, there are remedies in such cases as well with a rather controlled amount of alcohol intake.

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