Metformin and Glucophage side effects

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Metformin and Glucophage side effects:

There is hardly any allopathic medicine that does not bring some adverse side effects to the patients who have been prescribed these medicines to cure a particular problem. Luckily, metformin is one such medicine that does not have much severe side effects for the patients to worry about. However, since it is an allopathic medicine therefore, there can be a few trivial side effects associated with metformin as well. The most popular form of metformin is indeed the Glucophage tablets which come in divisions of 500mg, 800mg and 1000mg. In this context, any glucophage side effects are the same as that of metformin. Most of these glucophage side effects, just like metformin side effects are temporary in nature and usually subside as the effect of the medicine goes away.

Possible glucophage side effects:

Some of the most common glucophage side effects are known to be nausea, diarrhea, trembling of entire body, vomiting, increased appetite and thirst, muscle pain, kidney and liver disease, tiredness of the body and tremors etc. apart from these common side effects, there could be special cases of patients who could suffer from even worse glucophage side effects along with the effects from other diseases as well. For instance, in patients with certain liver and kidney problems, lactic acidosis is likely to occur. The medical conditions of these patients might suffer an extremely lowered oxygen level in the blood. Furthermore, in case of a recent heart attack or heart failure, these patients could suffer from poor blood circulation while being on Glucophage medication.
Patients taking Glucophage (or metformin) are advised to impede the medication several weeks before they are required to undergo an x-ray or a CT-scan. Similarly, there are special precautionary measures advised for patients who have the habit of excessive alcohol drinking to minimize the chances of adverse chemical reactions that could possible arise from the combination of the toxic elements in both the substances.

Avoiding glucophage side effects:

The glucophage side effects can be easily avoided if certain precautions are taken beforehand. For instance, if your take the Glucophage medication along with some meal, it would affect only the concerned problem without inflicting any ill-effects on your health. Similarly, in case of glucophage tablet, it must always be swallowed properly with some liquid instead of crushing or chewing it. If you are an alcoholic, then you must quickly give up on this bad habit very soon. The prime reason for giving up on alcohol is that most of the above mentioned glucophage side effects have yet to be confirmed as to be occurring in the diabetic patients due to regular intake of metformin alone. In such circumstances, the excessive amounts of alcohol would only confound the matters further. Steady walking and jogging helps in maintaining the appropriate levels of all the minerals and vitamins in your body. In this way, you do not have to worry too much about getting affected by the side effects of any medicine, let alone those of Glucophage.

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