Metformin Side Effects Weight Loss

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Metformin weight loss side effects

Metformin is a type of medicine that is used to control the excessive levels of insulin in the body especially in those patients who are suffering from the problem of level II diabetes. People who are advised to take metformin to help cure the problem of excessive sugar levels are often skeptical about the side-effects which this medicine could inflict upon their health. Although there have not been any ominously adverse side-effects yet known of metformin however, there have been quite a few commonly reported problems (or side effects if you could put it that way) in the patients that have been prescribed relatively greater quantities of this medicine. Apart from diarrhea and vomiting, the metformin side effects weight loss is the most common of all.

Talking of metformin side effects weight loss, one thing has to be borne in mind that the mechanism of insulin production within the body and all the relevant details pertaining to it (when combined with intake of metformin) are very important while trying to understand this particular issue. Human body gains weight through the fats that are produced within our internal bodily structure. The fats are usually produced in combination with insulin which is produced by the liver. These fats have a great deal to do with the type of food we eat. If we eat food with too much carbohydrates and proteins, then our body is likely to produce excessive amount of fats. These fats in return, result in gaining of bodily weight which is a good omen for people with frail figure while those with relatively obese body structure see this mechanism as a worrying factor.

Now, in order to understand metformin side effects weight loss, one needs to get a grip on the effect of this medicine on the fats and insulin level within the human body. Once a diabetic patient is under prescription of metformin, the insulin levels within the body are controlled to a great extent. With the control in the level of insulin, the fats are also controlled to a great extent therefore helping a person to get a hold on their surplus weight. On the other hand though, the regular intake of metformin for a relatively prolonged period of time could limit the insulin production within the body to worryingly low levels therefore minimizing any growth of fatty substances (especially if a very light meals are taken with very less amounts of carbohydrates and proteins). This is where the factor of weakness, dizziness and head aching creeps into the equation that makes excessive intake of metformin quite dangerous.

Therefore, it is particularly important to maintain a sound balance between the intakes of Glucophage and other medicines in order to avoid metformin side effects weight loss. In this regard, it is stringently recommended that the patients must not experiment with the quantity of their routine dose so that they might be able to protect themselves from metformin side effects weight loss and all other such issues that might be confronted if you try to gain or lose the weight to or from your body.

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